Exciting news

So sorry it has been so long between drinks (or should I say posts).... I would love to say that I have been spending the last few weeks on a whirl wind tour of this blessed Country, or sitting on a beach soaking up the beautiful Aussie sun...

Unfortunately, neither are true... especially the second as it has been absolutely freezing here of late! I would be happy to just venture outside in three layers of clothing to sit in our courtyard but truth be told I have had my head in a bucket or toilet bowl for the past 10 weeks! No, no, I haven't suddenly discovered my youth, but rather, I am pregnant with our third baby!!!! 

It is so exciting to be pregnant, even though some days I feel like I am going to vomit my insides out (graphic I know). I shouldn't really be surprised that this little precious gift is having this effect on me as this is my third pregnancy and all have been like this. A midwife the other day even asked me if I knew about contraception... yes I do! I have managed to not get pregnant for nearly 5 years, I know how it works.

I was hoping that this time round I would be one of those beautiful pregnant Mums -to-be.... you know the ones.... always glamorous, face radiating with expectancy, not a bit ill and apart from a little fatigue from a beautiful bump growing, feeling on top of the world.  I am the one who is green, not radiating, barely able to eat and keep fluids in each day and not able to venture far from a toilet, bucket or bowl. But hey, you know what? There is also a feeling that makes it ok.... the baby is healthy and thriving and that is all that matters!