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Do you ever have those moments where you wish you could stop and rewind?

Well that was me this past weekend!!!

I took our gorgeous three month old golden retriever Doug for a walk near our house. He is learning to walk to the side on a lead rather than just running everywhere! He was doing such a great job too!

When we got to the top of the hill on our way home, I thought, let's run some of that puppy energy off this cutie pie!

So we started to jog down the steep hill! It was dark and I was so proud of my puppy for doing such a great job... and hey, I was proud of myself too. It was the first time I had the energy to jog since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia!

As we were coming down the hill in the dark Doug decided that he would rather run on the other side of me...

oh no wait...

why don't I just stop right in front of Mummy as she is running....

I went flying, desperately trying not to land on the poor puppy (as I am sure that I would have killed him in one foul squash).

The next thing I know, I am on the ground....

(Yes, I did quickly check to make sure nobody saw the spectacular tumble), Doug is still alive and no yelps so he dodged a bullet, and my ankle is in agony! Doug quickly rushed over to make sure I was ok and give me a cuddle! 

Did I reach for my phone to call my husband to come and rescue me? No! I left my phone at home thinking I wouldn't need it! 

Could it get any worse? Yes!

As I was trying to get myself together and gingerly trying to get up, Doug decides that I need "special cuddles" and decides to start humping me as I am trying to get up!

After getting Doug to stop humping me and finally getting to my feet I start hobbling down to my house....

With a golf ball on the side of my ankle, unable to walk and Saturday being spent at the Doctors and the Emergency department, I can definitely say that running can be hazardous to your health! Well, at least when it comes to running with a puppy!