cabinet before and after

I love a good project on a Sunday afternoon.

I found myself sitting in my office staring at these drawers this weekend and had a creative moment! Inspiration to finally make these dull, boring drawers into something with a bit of personality.

You see, these drawers have not just been purchased for the perfect spot that was needing just that set of drawers. Sad to say they were an impulse buy more than six months ago. At the time I thought that you could never have too much storage and they would go somewhere... but no... they just sat in my office collecting dust. 

The result of a 10 minute makeover? I wish I had given them a makeover 6 months ago! I love them and they were so simple to do.



I just used scrapbooking paper to cover the drawer fronts. I used mod podge to glue to the wood and once dry I put a coat on top for protection from little fingers.


Then I used white paint I had lying around in the garage to paint the frame and once dry I put the handles back on the drawers.

I was going to put them in our home learning room, but out little man wants them in his room! I wonder where they will end up? I may have to buy another set ;-)