It has been two weeks since we got to bring this treasure home! 

My, how life has changed since then.


There have been so many changes that I don't know where to start.... probably best to start with what I have learnt!

Puppies are more work than babies (well at least compared to my babies).

They are full on!

Learning between sniffing out food from breakfast and QUICK OPEN THE DOOR! The flood gates are about to open on the freshly mopped floor!

Learning how to get him to stop biting and learning how his FANGS hurt! 

Learning that no matter how long you spend with him, he always wants more. 

Learning that nothing is safe and anything that jingles, jangles or hangs is a toy and he will bite it! 


He is a baby!

A very exhausting baby!

But boy is he worth it!


His snuggles, little looks that he passes in your direction, his cheekiness, everything that makes him Doug! (Yes that is his name! The children named him after the movie UP! ) After two weeks he feels like he has always been apart of the family. He is the 5th member of our family and we LOVE HIM!