homeschool room1

What? You didn’t know that I home educated my children? Lol! Just one of the many hats worn around here at the moment. So many people have asked how I have set up my room, I thought that I would share it in a post!

First, a little about us…. we are an eclectic home education family and use a range of different resources for different curriculum areas, rather than a complete home education program. So our children’s learning is always evolving. An important part of our day consists of learning through play. 

Although we do have a dedicated learning room, we also have an arts and crafts station, bookshelves in most rooms and different sensory tables that I set up that the children can access at any time. 

Each term I also choose some specific topics that the children are interested in and run with them. Using them to further enhance reading, writing and other skills. 

So let's start the tour....

homeschool room2

Here is where we keep different papers, felt, people and shapes cut outs, pipe cleaners and various arts and crafts. This term we have been learning about the Great Barrier Reef and in particular Coral. On the window is some aboriginal art that the children have made and also a map of Australia our eldest has made with Capital cities and States.

homeschool room3

This wall is for our life cycle posters and also for displaying some of the art that our youngest (4) has created this term. 

homeschool room4

Another topic that our children wanted to learn about this term was the solar system. Here is some of their art work that they have completed in this topic.

homeschool room5

On this wall we have more arts and crafts (can you tell that my children LOVE creating?!), our Solar system poster and also our whiteboard.
The phoneme charts are what we are currently working on and they are from the Letters and Sounds phonemic program (see next picture also).


homeschool room6

We also get the Little Explorers each month and with that we learn about the country that we are sent. On the pin board is the days of the week and also the weather which the children do each day.

homeschool room7

The children each have their own desk with a draw where they keep their pens, current work books etc.

homeschool room8

This is our science shelves and some art and music supplies. 

homeschool room9

This is our resources shelf for maths and literacy. The orange and purple boxes are games and activities relating to the Letters and Sounds program. We use a lot of games, counting bears, beads, flip charts and cards that I have made for maths. We also use Reading Eggs and Maths eggspress. 

homeschool room10

I keep the paints on top of the cupboard (as we have carpet) and the boxes are for our youngest (4) that have a different activity, story and some kind of craft in each day so that he is kept interested while I work with our eldest.

homeschool room11

I also have a resources cupboard where I keep work sheets, copies of the curriculum and past work books in. It also houses specific crafts, spare books, pens, visual journals, art folders and other bits and pieces. 

And there you have it. A tour around our learning room. I am happy to post more information about the weekly boxes and any other questions you may have!

As our children are 6 and 4, I am certainly no expert when it comes to home educating and would love to hear about your rooms and ideas!