light switch cover


Eventually I would like to replace all of the light switches in our home to new stainless steel switches, but it is probably the last thing in a very long list of renovations. 

So, instead of looking at our yellowish light covers, I decided that I would make custom light switches for the children's bedrooms and ours to add a bit of personality.


I gave the children the endless options of paper, and this is what they chose.

The best thing is they were so easy. All you need is scrap booking paper, mod podge (make your own) and a craft knife.

First start out by placing the light switch cover face down on the  paper and cutting it out, leaving approximately 5cm around the cover.


light switch 2


Paint the front side of your cover with mod podge (not too much otherwise it will bubble).

light switch 1

Then place it on the paper face down and smooth out to get rid of any air bubbles. Then cut a straight line each way from the corner of the cover to the edge of the paper. Paint one side of the corner and fold the edge over. Hold until it attaches and repeat this step for each side.

light switch 3

Once completely dry, paint a thin layer of mod podge over the paper to seal it. 

light switch 4

Allow to dry and enjoy your masterpiece.