One mans Trash is another mans treasure


I love to have a project. Yes, I probably don't have the time nor the energy to tackle a project (who does), however I have to have one.... It helps to keep me sane! I feel like it is my escape, my rejuvenation, my extension of what little creativity I have (I am left brain dominant).

Since moving into our new home, our shiny black tv cabinet has just looked out of place with our new lounge room makeover. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, however, it just doesn't go. 

I don't see the need in buying a brand new cabinet just so that it coordinates with the rest of the furniture. Who am I kidding, yes I do! I just have a husband who happens to love that black unit... it was his idea.... Need I say more! So, I needed a cheap, cost effective solution that would get me a lounge room that was coordinated without spending much money.


Here it is..... 

Old cabinet


It is the perfect size for the space and hides all of the children's DVD's.

There is just one problem....

it doesn't go either...

well not yet!

Nothing that a piece of sandpaper, some elbow grease and several coats of paint can't fix. May I point out that painting a piece of furniture is not at all the same as painting walls :-)

So after many quick trips to the garage for a coat of paint here and there....

Voila! I have the perfect TV cabinet. And the best thing is, it cost me $30 total to purchase and complete the cabinet! What a bargain!!! 



new cabinet