Be free to be who you were made to be

I read an article recently about a mother who was going through her photos and found a picture of herself on the beach lying down, in her eyes looking absolutely horrible. She started to get a little angry as she asked who had taken the picture. One of her children proudly admitted to taking the photo of her stating “you looked so beautiful lying on the sand. I just had to take your photo”.


It is so precious to see ourselves through the eyes of our children. To catch them smiling at us ‘just because they love us’. This morning my eldest child looked at me as I struggle to open one eye, my face squinting to brace for the light as it streamed in above the curtains. I could feel his breath on my face. I knew he was waiting with a warm smile and a cheerful good morning. Then he leans over and says “Mumma, you are the most beautiful Mumma in the world.... I love you”. 

Or the time when I was at the beach feeling like a beached whale and he looked over to me and said “you really are beautiful”. It made my heart full. Oh to feel as beautiful as he sees me.

Sometimes in life there are things that can hold us back from being all that we could be... if only we could see ourselves through the eyes of a child, not through contaminated lens, we could have the confidence to take on that new role, go to the beach with our children without feeling like a beached whale, make that new change we have been holding back on, or take on any obstacle that is in our way.

Try to live your life with childlike abandonment. Enjoy each and every moment, seeing yourself as you are... one special, amazing person put on this earth to be all that you can be, full of confidence, overflowing with potential just waiting to be the best version of you!