Peanut butter balls


As it has been many months since my last 'treat' post, I thought that I would add a recipe for Peanut Butter Balls that are refined sugar free and delicious.

What makes them even better, is how simple they are to make! 

For the ingredients, you will need:

1/2 cup all natural Peanut Butter

4 Tbs Maple Syrup

4 Tbs Melted Coconut Oil

A pinch of salt

90g (approx) 70% dark chocolate


To make the Peanut Butter Balls, place all ingredients except the dark chocolate into a food processor and mix well.

Roll out small balls onto a tray and place into the freezer to set (approx 20 mins)

Once set, melt chocolate and a pinch of salt (optional) in a double boiler.

Place one ball at a time into chocolate mixture and retrieve using a fork (allow excess chocolate to fall away). Repeat for all balls.

Once all balls have been covered in chocolate, return to freezer to harden again.


These chocolates can be eaten straight from the freezer or once chilled through you can remove them from the freezer and place in the fridge!





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1 Fennel bulb

1 Apple

3 tablespoons chopped walnuts

Salt and Pepper

1/2 a lemon, zest and juice

4 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil



1. Cut the apple in half and remove the core.

2. Chop the fennel bulb in half and remove the hard section at the base of the bulb.

3. Chop both the apple and fennel bulb in thin slices (a mandolin works great). Add to a bowl with the walnuts.

4. Place the juice and zest of the lemon in a small mixing bowl and add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Mix thoroughly.

   Season to taste. 

5. Place dressing in bowl with the apple and fennel, mix to combine and serve.



Hard to believe how long it has been since my last post, but I am back! 

Blessed to now be writing from the beautiful land of Hobart, Australia. Is it any wonder I have not been near my computer!

So much has happened in the last few months while taking a break! Apart from moving country and settling into this beautiful City, a big shift in my world has been caused by watching a documentary called Forks over Knives! If you havent seen it yet, I highly recommend it!

It has changed the very essence of my cooking, eating and thought processes around food. I am really excited about this next chapter.

So buckle up, enjoy the ride! New recipes and herbs coming your way shortly!

Thanks for checking in 

It's official! I am now qualified as a Herbalist and Allergy Tester with both exams done and dusted! Onwards and upwards onto Advanced Herbalism and Kinesiology!

I love being able to study at home and enjoy he best of both worlds. Don't get me wrong, conversations with a three year old and five year old all day are very interesting, hilarious and exhausting, but having the brain stimulated in study helps too! The more I learn through my studies the more I realize just how little I know and how much more I want to know. The world of Herbal medicine is so fascinating and makes you realize just how well a certain big fella upstairs has made this world.

So, as I spend more time in the world of herbalism I thought I would share my adventures of discovery with you all! Bare with me, there are recipes a foot as well! Hopefully these will be dotted with some practical tips to introduce herbs into your world so you can benefit from their amazing healing and health properties.

Well it certainly has been awhile since my last post and so much has happened in that time. Lots of testing recipes, moving house, finishing my allergy testing course and my Herbalist course and going on a family holiday to the beautiful Hanmer Springs in NZ! I am currently getting the recipes ready and will have them up shortly. I have made Gluten free pizzas, GF anzacs, GF birthday cakes and all refined sugar free and super delicious! I have also come across some great suggestions for breakfasts, lunches and dinners which I will be sharing! Stay tuned :-)