Banana Cinnamon Smoothie

I love a banana and cinnamon smoothie! They are soooo delicious and super simple to make! If that wasn't enough of a reason to whip out the blender and make one right now, let me give you some other health benefits:

One mans Trash is another mans treasure


I love to have a project. Yes, I probably don't have the time nor the energy to tackle a project (who does), however I have to have one.... It helps to keep me sane! I feel like it is my escape, my rejuvenation, my extension of what little creativity I have (I am left brain dominant).

Since moving into our new home, our shiny black tv cabinet has just looked out of place with our new lounge room makeover. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, however, it just doesn't go. 

I don't see the need in buying a brand new cabinet just so that it coordinates with the rest of the furniture. Who am I kidding, yes I do! I just have a husband who happens to love that black unit... it was his idea.... Need I say more! So, I needed a cheap, cost effective solution that would get me a lounge room that was coordinated without spending much money.

Be free to be who you were made to be

I read an article recently about a mother who was going through her photos and found a picture of herself on the beach lying down, in her eyes looking absolutely horrible. She started to get a little angry as she asked who had taken the picture. One of her children proudly admitted to taking the photo of her stating “you looked so beautiful lying on the sand. I just had to take your photo”.

Play dough cover

I have many fond memories of playing with play dough. It seemed growing up it was everywhere we went. At kindy, Sunday school, at friends places... however, I don't think I have one single memory of it being store bought. It was always handmade, free from chemicals and we would play for hours making all sorts of creatures. When I had my little ones, I started out using the store bought kind, not knowing how full of chemicals each pot contained. Once I heard that, all the play dough got tossed in the bin and I needed to find a replacement quickly! So, here it is. A play dough that the little ones can help make and then have hours of fun playing with :-)

Looking out of my window at the rain pouring down, soaking the grass, (hopefully helping with the bush fires) there is nothing more warming than munching on a delicious stew. Almost like a big warm hug greeting every mouthful, this Tomato and Barley Stew is both delicious and nutritious!



Deciding that my repertoire of recipes was in dire need of some delicious new additions, I recently visited the local wholefoods market. Returning with a number of new ingredients that have not been used in my kitchen before, the experimenting began...