homeschool room1

What? You didn’t know that I home educated my children? Lol! Just one of the many hats worn around here at the moment. So many people have asked how I have set up my room, I thought that I would share it in a post!

anzac bisuits

Do you ever have times where it is almost shopping day and you have NOTHING in the cupboard and the kids are FAMISHED and want something DELICIOUS?

Today was one of those days in our house.

light switch cover


Eventually I would like to replace all of the light switches in our home to new stainless steel switches, but it is probably the last thing in a very long list of renovations. 

So, instead of looking at our yellowish light covers, I decided that I would make custom light switches for the children's bedrooms and ours to add a bit of personality.

saying soulful mumma


Every time I hear this saying, I can't stop myself singing! How about you?