How to store herbs

Want to know the best way to store herbs that can last more than a year?

The best way to store herbs is in dried form (post to come shortly on how to dry herbs).

If you plan on using the herbs within one year, place herbs in a can. If you will not be needing the herbs for a while, ensure that you seal the cans with wax. 

Although plastic containers, cellophane or waxed cartons are acceptable for the short term, it is best to use a can for longer periods. 

To seal, fill the can as full as possible to remove the most amount of oxygen. Then use a wax to seal the container. 

There are many herbs that can lose some of their medicinal qualities when being stored long term (such as poke root) and these should be placed into the form of a tincture.

To store herbs in tincture form they can be kept indefinitely as long as they are kept in a dark, cool place in a coloured bottle that are capped well and are sealed. 

How to store in the form of powder

To store in the form of powder, many herbs can last past one year if they are stored in a cool place. 

Herbs that may contain oils (Cayenne for instance) should always be kept in a can or jar, never in paper.

Herbs in the form of powder do not usually need to be refrigerated. In a cool dark place they should last between 6 months and a year. However if they are hermetically sealed they can last from 2-3 years. 

Storing Oils

Oils are best kept in dark bottles or in cans and sealed well. They should also be kept in a cool place. 


For more on the How to of herbs, stayed tuned for this new series!