What are demulcent herbs

Need an herb that can soothe and protect irritated and inflamed surfaces or tissues?

Chances are you may need the help of a demulcent herb. 

A demulcent herb helps to soothe, soften and diminish the inflamed or irritated mucous membranes. They tend to have mucilaginous (thick, glue like substance), slippery or oleaginous (oil producing) properties which can help to coat, lubricate and shield inflamed tissues or other surfaces. Demulcent herbs protect against further inflammation, relieve pain caused by inflammation and provide the body with the nourishment needed for healing to take place.

Demulcent herbs are mainly emollient (agents used externally on the skin). They can retain moisture and warmth when applied as a poultice and they can absorb pus from boils, abscesses and sores. 

Examples of demulcent herbs include Barley, Black elm, Fenugreek, Plantain, Oats, Sesame leaves, Slippery elm, Tansy and Tapioca.