The benefits of Mullein

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus), also known by many other names including great mullein, white mullein and mullein dock, is a herb that is especially useful for treating the respiratory organs. It also has narcotic properties while not being harmful or poisonous.

Mullein is a great herb for pain relief, calming irritated and inflamed nerves and nervous soporific. It can help to strengthen and soothe the bowels, eliminate toxins and prevent fluid escaping from ruptured vessels. 

Mullein is also important for the glands, mucous membranes and serous. It can also help with pulmonary disease, haemorrhage of the lungs, toothaches, tumours, haemorrhoids, nasal congestion or catarrh, sprains, mastitis, bronchitis, ear diseases and asthma. 

Mullein is a very effective for many other complaints and is a great herb to stock in your medicinal cabinet.