The last few days in Christchurch have felt like spring. So it has been days spent outside enjoying the short burst of beautiful sunny days. Gardening, painting and having neighbourhood children playing in the backyard has given life to a cold, cold winter. I am sure that the plants are getting confused as the Jonquils are out in full bloom.

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It's that time of year again where a runny nose and cough can become more apart of the family than you want. Children can get between 6-10 colds a year, most seem to reoccur one after the other. We are up to our third bout in as many weeks! So I decided to try a natural cough syrup to see if it could make a difference. It has worked really well so I wanted to share it with you all. The best thing is, it uses two ingredients and is quite simple to do.

This weeks question : What oils do you use in cooking and why?

Coconut oil is my all round cooking oil. I use it for pretty much everything.... I don't think that I have found something that it cant be good for!


The serenity of sitting down with a nice hot cup of tea while the world passes you by for a moment can be enjoyed by all who dare to try it. The smell of the pot just brewed brings everyone out of the woodwork to enjoy its contents. However, there are so many more health benefits to sitting down to a cuppa than just for enjoyment. Especially in the winter months; a nice immune boosting cup of honey, lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper can ward of colds and flu's, a honey and lemon drink can soothe a sore throat and a green tea with ginger, cinnamon and cardamom can bring vitality.